Welcome back our Luxury Speedboat "Lucky ACE"

Our luxury speedboat "Lucky ACE" is back in action after receiving some wonderful upgrades and we could not be more thrilled!

We get to enjoy the luxury of having even more time to relax, escape the crowds, and enjoy what Koh Tao has to offer us!

Book your trip on our luxury speedboat "Lucky" to get away from the crowds and dive in small groups!


Chumphon Pinnacle to ourselves!

Newly certified SSI open water, and advanced divers Ninni and Michael got to experience diving Chumphon Pinnacle to themselves!

We were able to go twice during their courses.

As we depart at a later time, and only run one boat a day, we are able to get the dive site to ourselves and enjoy escaping the crowds and seeing more marine life.

Luxury diving on Koh Tao in small groups away from the crowds.

Open Water to Advanced!

Stacey got to enjoy the advantages of one on one training with instructor Gemma.

Before even completing the open water course, Stacey had decided she wanted to continue on to her advanced course.

She was even lucky enough to be able to enjoy the luxury of going to Sail Rock for two of the dives on her Open water course.

Great job Stacey and keep on diving!

Sail Rock!

The weather cleared up and our lucky divers got a beautiful day trip at famous Koh Tao dive site, SAIL ROCK!

We got the enjoy the luxury of being dropped off and picked up close to the rock to avoid long surface swims and make for a more enjoyable dive experience.

Schools of Barracuda, Queen fish, Giant Groupers, Fusiliers and more!

Luxury Sail Rock Trips KohTao in small groups, away from the crowds.

Travel for Teens Discover Scuba Dive

Travel for Teens has come to visit ACE Marine again!

This time with a group of all girls interested in trying a Discover Scuba Dive.

The girls had such a blast on their private boat trip, learning new skills and feeling weightless underwater, that they decided to complete two dives each!

Learn to Discover Scuba dive, in small groups on Koh Tao with ACE Marine Expeditions!