Amazing Week

This week has been full of Amazing weather, Exclusive diving, and wonderful Customers! 

Rebecca decided to take the plunge into the sea and do her open water course with Instructor Karen, while Todd fun dived with Dive Master Arvid, and then decided to continue his education and do his Advanced course with Instructor Danny. 

Since we only run one boat per day we have the luxury of time, so both days on the boat we decided to have lunch and go for a snorkel in Shark Bay where we encountered a lovely turtle, and baby black tip reef sharks! 

Due to the great weather, and diving conditions, Chris decided to join us on the boat, diving with his re-breather! 

Here are some of our favorite shots from the past week!

Instructor Karen and Open Water student Rebecca. Open Water certified! 


Dive Master Arvid with Fun diver Todd, with a huge Great Barracuda



Chris on his re-breather with turtle


Great shot of by Kwan of the turtle eating a jellyfish


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