The Benefits of Teaching Underwater Photography

While teaching our one on one underwater photography course on Koh Tao, Chris was able to enjoy the perks of the job and the privilege of teaching.

When you are teaching someone else to take photos underwater, it allows you to fine tune your own techniques, remind yourself of the basics, and even learn new skills.

For Chris teaching underwater photography is more of a passion than it is a job.

Chris snapped this great shot while teaching Michal wide angle strobe photography.

Luxury Solo Photo Course

Student Michal had the luxury of having the dive expeditions boat to himself for three, three dive day trips!

As always this means that we were able to take our time preparing for the dives, relaxing on the boat, and briefing/debriefing the different photo techniques while diving away from the crowds.

Another successful underwater photography course completed on Koh Tao with awesome instructor Chris Clark!

Luxury Advanced UnderWater Photography Course Koh Tao, Thailand!


Supreme September

This September has been a very exciting month! 

The diving conditions have been supreme, and we have had happy customers all around. 


To start it off with a bang, Lucas and Nacho decided on continuing their education and becoming advanced divers and be on the same level as fun diver Laura.

All three were very lucky divers, and on day two of diving, had the pleasure of getting to see and dive with their very first Whale Shark! 




Luani and Wessel completed their open water diver certification during their honey moon. Wessel was definitely an expert at locating exciting species of marine life at every dive site. 

These lovely students were able to enjoy privatized training in the luxury of their own villa. 




The Lamont's decided to bring the whole family on board for their diving holiday!

Neve completed here Junior Open Water course, while parents Sue and Toby went on fun dives, while the younger kids snorkeled and played on the boat with our dive master Arvid! 

Everyone was having fun with this family on the boat! 

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Amazing Week

This week has been full of Amazing weather, Exclusive diving, and wonderful Customers! 

Rebecca decided to take the plunge into the sea and do her open water course with Instructor Karen, while Todd fun dived with Dive Master Arvid, and then decided to continue his education and do his Advanced course with Instructor Danny. 

Since we only run one boat per day we have the luxury of time, so both days on the boat we decided to have lunch and go for a snorkel in Shark Bay where we encountered a lovely turtle, and baby black tip reef sharks! 

Due to the great weather, and diving conditions, Chris decided to join us on the boat, diving with his re-breather! 

Here are some of our favorite shots from the past week!

Instructor Karen and Open Water student Rebecca. Open Water certified! 


Dive Master Arvid with Fun diver Todd, with a huge Great Barracuda



Chris on his re-breather with turtle


Great shot of by Kwan of the turtle eating a jellyfish


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Diving August

The visibility is nice and clear, the skies are sunny and blue, and the diving conditions are awesome! 


Here are some of this months highlights:


Dimitri completed his Open Water diving certification with Instructor Karen. He enjoyed it so much he continued to fun dive after the course and used our provided underwater camera to make memories of his diving experience with us! 


Newlywed couple Sharon and Graeme decided to continue their diving experience on Koh Tao. Sharon had previously been unable to finish her course, but with some one on one training with Instructor Karen she was able to complete all the skills and required training dives to become Open Water Certified! We are so proud!

Graeme got the luxury of one on one dives with Dive Master Carmen, and we were able to get them together underwater for a photo opportunity.


Couple Aaron and Abby decided that they wanted to give diving a go near the end of their holiday. Aaron was Open water certified, but in need of a refresher, and Abby was trying diving for the first time. We were able to combine their training together with Instructor Karen, and they had an amazing dive together at Hin Wong Bay.

Abby enjoyed the experience so much that she has decided she is going to continue onto her Open Water course in the near future!


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